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Ổ cắm điện ngoài trời và những điều bạn nên biết

Ổ cắm điện ngoài trời và những điều bạn nên biết

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Ổ cắm điện ngoài trời là gì vè những điều bạn nên biết về ổ cắm điện ngoài trời

As you know, electric socket has long been a product associated with all constructions from civil to industrial. It seems that the drives are very common, but they must comply with a lot of requirements. Safety requirements, contact size, pin force, open toe protection ... Not to mention in each country, the socket should follow the type of plug, voltage and certain materials. Outdoor sockets need more of those requirements.

The use of outdoor power sources faces a lot of risks. In this article we only mention the power outlet, the other components of course also need to ensure safety criteria.

So what do we need for the outdoor outlet?

In addition to international standards applicable to conventional power outlets. Outdoor electrical outlets need the following criteria:

Waterproof feature: IP65, IP66, IP67
Use standard safety plug and grounded
It is best to integrate a shock absorber in the watershed
Installation in a safe location: high altitude, avoiding wet areas and thermal agents ...
GFCI standards should be applied.

Nival A8 outdoor socket

So how to install the best outdoor electrical switch, the safest? What should I keep in mind when installing outdoor power switches?

Here are some notes when installing outdoor power switches.

Choose electrical switch that is waterproof, shockproof. When installing the electrical switch outdoors, it is sure to withstand many different weather conditions. So to ensure the safety of the user should choose the type of electrical switch with rain cover.

Safety socket outside the garden

Besides, consumers should also choose electrical switches that are resistant to shock, waterproof so that when installed outdoors and during use, you will overcome the situation of short-circuit, fire or electric shock. jerking during use.

Use the rain cover for normal switches if you are not able to use the outdoor design power outlets.

Choose the right installation location

In the weather in Vietnam with high humidity and frequent storms, when installing the power switch, you should choose the most suitable installation location. Normally, the power switch should be installed in a high position to avoid wet places to protect electrical equipment, while helping to keep users safe. Use electrical cabinets to protect electrical equipment such as: electrical switches, switches.

External electrical cabinets can accommodate more internal devices than the rain cover. In large projects, using quite large electrical cabinets for some works, the use of electrical cabinets to shield and protect best electric switch.

Choose the time of installation

The most convenient time is during daytime installation, when the weather is nice and there is no rain.

Many outdoor accidents can occur because of people handling careless equipment or not following the manufacturer's instructions. By following simple safety rules you can easily avoid serious accidents every time you work with outdoor electrical equipment.

Safety tips for you


Use one leakage current protection device (RCD) for all outdoor electrical equipment, and use the regular test button to check if it is working correctly.
Check electrical appliances, including plugs and extension cords, to avoid damage before you use it.
Replace damaged cables and plugs before you use the device.
Buy good quality electrical equipment from a reputable manufacturer.
Wear protective clothing and shoes.
Be careful when you are digging down, electric, gas and water lines may be buried below.
Follow manufacturer's instructions - many accidents occur if safety instructions are ignored.
Store electrical appliances in a dry place, out of reach of children.
Should not

Use electrical equipment outdoors when it rains and storms.
Clean, adjust or test the device while connected to a power source.
Touch damaged equipment and cables before turning off the power supply.
Try to repair electrical equipment by yourself.
Wash the device with water
Unplug the device and clean it with a dry cloth.
Use electrical equipment while barefoot.
Remain plugged in while you are not using it.

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