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Aptomat chống rò chống giật và những lưu ý khi lắp đặt

Aptomat chống rò chống giật và những lưu ý khi lắp đặt

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Aptomat chống rò chống giật là gì? Những lưu ý khi lắp đặt có tác dụng gì?Hãy cùng Nival Tìm hiểu nhé

1. What is anti-leakage circuit breaker?

Anti-shock Aptomat also known as Anti-shock circuit, anti-shock CB, anti-leakage circuit breaker, anti-leakage breaker ... Similar to normal Aptomat, shock-resistant Aptomat has the following types:

- Residual current Circuit Breaker RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker).

- Aptomat anti-shock cloves with overload protection RCBO (Residual Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection).

- Block-type Aptomat with ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) overload protection.

Anti-shock Aptomat has the function of shutting off electricity when there is a leakage of electricity to the ground or someone is shocked. In addition, the circuit breaker ELCB, RCBO also has the overload protection function similar to normal Aptomat. Whereas the RCCB only has the function of anti-leakage current, need to combine with the MCB to protect the overload: RCCB + MCB = RCBO.










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2. Function of Aptomat anti-leakage anti-shock

- 1-phase anti-shock Aptomat: it compares the current flowing through 2 cool wires and fire, if this current is different than a certain leakage threshold, it will disconnect power from the load, do not let the load work anymore. Manufacturers often design leakage thresholds 15mA, 30mA, 100mA, 200mA, 300mA, 500mA.
- 3-phase anti-shock Aptomat: it compares the current flowing through 3 phase wires and neutral wires, if this current is different than a certain leakage threshold, it disconnects.

3. Structure, operating principle of Aptomat against leakage

- Anti-shock Aptomat for 1 phase: people let 2 cool and fire wires go through 1 current transformer with toroidal iron core, this is a common toroidal transformer with primary coil 1 coil (2 wires is main cool and fire passes through the transformer center) and secondary winding several dozen turns of wire.
The current coming out of the hot wire on the cool wire (and vice versa: leaving the hot wire on the hot wire) is opposite, meaning that the reciprocal magnetic field they generate in the iron core of the current transformer is opposite.
If these two currents are equal, the two reciprocal magnetic fields will cancel each other out as the output voltage of the secondary winding current = 0.
If the voltage across the 2 wires is leaked, the current on the two wires is different, the two reciprocal magnetic fields generated in different iron cores give rise to the induced current on the secondary winding of the current transformer, this current is applied. IC to check whether it is larger than the safety leakage current? If the example is greater than 15mA, then the IC will power Triac to power the coil of the Aptomat. To detect a large leakage current of several hundred mA, it is not necessary to use an IC (because the IC circuit is complicated and high cost), but to immediately use the electromagnetic force generated when the current flows in the coil to switch on and off the circuit breaker.
- Anti-shock Aptomat for 3-phase 3-wire electricity (3-phase 3-pole Aptomat): same as above with 3-phase wires passing through the center of the current transformer.
- Anti-shock Aptomat for 3-phase 4-wire power (3-phase 4-pole anti-shock Aptomat): same as above with 3-phase and neutral wires passing through the center of current transformer.

4. Identification characteristics of Aptomat anti-leakage shock

Anti-shock Aptomat has the same shape as the normal but the size is a bit bigger.
In addition to the ON-OFF switch, the Aptomat anti-shock also has an additional TEST button next to check if the Aptomat is working well.
On the Aptomat anti-shock surface, there are parameters: voltage, load current, impact time and leakage current. Normally there are leakage current thresholds of 15mA, 30mA, 100mA, 200mA, 300mA, 500mA.

5. How to play Aptomat anti-shock

The following is the sequence of steps to install Aptomat anti-shock at home:
- Step 1: Shut off the power source and electrical system to ensure safety.
- Step 2: Screw Aptomat anti-shock screws into electrical cabinets or panels, with lids.
When you screw, you should screw it firmly and carefully to not be loose during using electric equipment. Place the top of the line at the top, the top of the load at the bottom.
- Step 3: Connect electrical wires to Aptomat against shock:
When connecting wires to Aptomat against shock, AC power is attached to the line ends, the output is connected to the load on the load piles.
Do not re-attach as it is easy to cause electric fire and dangerous for users. Hot wire must be connected to L pole, cold wire to N pile.
Note, the anti-shock Aptomat does not have the ability to resist overload must be installed in series after MCB and MCCB to ensure safety for the system when overloading and overvoltage occur.
- Step 4: Complete the installation:
After installing the shockproof Aptomat, you should not be subjective to using it, but you should check the electrical system to see if the Aptomat anti-shock is able to adjust in a timely manner.
The grounding cable, if any, is connected to the shell of the load and then connected to the ground. It doesn't matter when there is no ground wire connected from the shell to the ground, the Aptomat still works normally.

6. Some notes when installing and using Aptomat anti-leakage shock

- Must test before use. Test at least 1 time / month to check if the device is still working well.
- For wet places like bathrooms, water heaters, washing machines, submersible pumps, etc, it is recommended to install high-sensitivity type breakers or outside the bathroom.
- On humid days, the air is high humidity, there is a phenomenon of water stagnation in the device, the current accordingly leakage, and the relay will automatically disconnect the power completely.
Only when the air is dry again will the power supply be restored, otherwise we have to remove the relay.
- Regularly rinse and maintain the bottles according to the manufacturer's recommendations so that the parts of the bottles do not premature aging, damage, breakage and cause electric leakage.
- Choose to buy equipment with famous brand, clear origin, buy genuine goods at reputable shops / agents / distributors to get genuine electrical products.

7. Manufacturers of Aptomat anti-leakage shock

- Eliton anti-shock Aptomat - Vietnam
- Schneider anti-shock Aptomat - France
- Mitsubishi anti-shock Aptomat - Japan
- Aptomat anti-shock LS - Korea
- Nival anti-shock Aptomat - Vietnam
- Chint anti-shock Aptomat - China
- ...

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